Thursday, April 12, 2012

Keeping My Head Above Water

Ackkk!  I'm behind on posting because things are moving so fast in the studio!  I'm sorry I don't have anything to offer in the way of a K post.  Not many sewing related whatevers start with the letter K.  I wish I had better content this week, but every waking minute is being spent with needle and thread in hand and good music blasting on my iPod.

In the public eye, I like to be as Regency period as possible.  At home in the studio, I'm something of a walking anachronism.  On SO many levels! :}

In conclusion, all I have for you today is a photo of a recent commission.  Enjoy! (And I will work on better posts for the remainder of the A-Z!)


  1. Don't worry honey- life gets crazy busy sometimes - anything you have to say on your day is interesting!

  2. That has to be the cutest elephant I've ever seen.

  3. Hope you are able to get caught up...I've decided to follow you! I love all things Jane Austen. Enjoy the remainder of the Challenge...