Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Ballgown for Taylor P, Part 1

There is a certain family that I have had the privilege of knowing these 20 years past.  The youngest child is now become a man of five and twenty and is romantically attached to a lovely young lady of his acquaintance.  This young lady is but 20 years of age, lively, good-natured and completing her education at present.  The gentleman and I share the diverting hobby of attending American Civil War reenactments whenever and wherever we can.  Though we are not members of the same reenacting unit, we often see each other in passing at some of the events, or when I visit his family around holidays and special occasions, we chat about events we have been to recently.

Being a lady re-enactor is a huge part of what inspired me to learn to sew.  After years of small projects that got bigger and more complicated, I am finally accomplished enough to sew dresses galore for not only my own reenactment uses, but for other lady reenactors as well!

And so, sweet Taylor has commissioned me to make her wardrobe so that she may join my friend(s) and me on the reenacting field.  Upcoming is an event in Selma, AL.  The Grand Ball at Selma is THE ball of the reenacting year to attend.  It is held in historic Sturdivant Hall.  Such a grand ball requires a fine gown and I am more than happy to be of service to Miss Taylor in this.

Here is a rough sketch of her gown design:

The bodice and underskirt are of mint green satin.  There is an overskirt of emerald green satin that is pulled up at 3 points with white ruffled organza ribbon trim, and a hunter green braided trim on top of that. At the bottom of the 3 points is a similar organza trim in a fan shape, topped with an organza star-flower that has a pearl cluster center.  More organza trim topped with hunter green braid trim and the same organza star-flowers accent the waistline, neckline and sleeves.  The gown will lace up the back with hunter green satin ribbon through gold grommets/eyelets.

I will take photos and post construction progress as much as I can.  The first round of cutting and constructions takes place tomorrow morning. (Monday, 2/28/11)