Monday, April 9, 2012

Hydrangea Festival Progress

 I have had an extremely productive day.  So much so, that I'm having to retro-post this because all of a sudden, I looked up and it was 1:20 AM.  On Wednesday morning. (Time doesn't mean much to me when I'm in The Creative Zone.) Here is a tiny glimpse of what I was working on:

Things are progressing for the festival.  Not as fast as I would like.  I need to pick up the pace.  But I have amazing music playing as I work, and that helps keep things moving along smoothly.  There is nothing like a good, epic soundtrack mix to get you in that zone. :)

I'm going to grab a little sleep and then get back to the work table.  I can't have anything to blog about here if I don't get it done and photos made of it first!

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