Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Pink Scarf Project

The other me has been following Vicki, of the blog "2 Bags Full" for a while now.  Vicki is hosting this FABULOUS event/project to raise awareness and support for breast cancer patients.  She is asking for donations of pink scarves from anyone and everyone in the blogosphere who will be kind enough to oblige.  She is generously giving away a GORGEOUS, one-of-a-kind wrap that she knitted especially for this project.  If you have ever seen her knitted nests, you know that she can't make anything that isn't just perfection itself.  (If you haven't been so fortunate as to have seen the nests, go here to see The Modest Peacock's favorite ones..)

Lucy Jane may be a historic, English "character" version of a present-day Georgia girl (don't miss the difference between someone "in character" and a "looney with split personalities".  I am solidly the first of the two!), but getting creative with the fiber arts is definitely one area where the two personas blend!

For all of our readers, Lucy Jane and The Modest Peacock alike, here's an added incentive to joining in with Vicki's wonderful project.  Anytime you send her a scarf and post a comment on her Pink Scarf Project Page that you have done so, come here (there will be a button on my sidebar shortly) and post a comment telling me that you have done so, and you will have an entry to win this Lucy Jane Pennybright "Hope" elephant, complete with her very own pink scarf!  (The mailing address to send the scarves and all of the wonderful details are on her blog at the above link.)

The drawing will be held NEXT October 1st when Vicki's project ends, AND I will also accept comments on this The Modest Peacock post about the project.  (But only one entry for the ellie per scarf made and sent!! You get to choose which blog to link to.)

So what are you waiting for??  Go to Vicki's blog, find out all the details, and start knitting (or crocheting, sewing, or whatever it is you do) a pink scarf to send her way!!  Best of luck winning the wrap and/or "Hope"!

PS- Here is my first scarf to send.  What do you think? :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like...


Yes, those of us who have businesses in themed/gift/custom made items have to start thinking about the end of year holiday season somewhere around the time that July fades into August.  And in just a few short weeks I'll be working on Spring/Easter stock.  Crazy!

It's also beginning to look a lot like Autumn for real, here in West GA.  The mornings are crisp and the leaves are a riot of color.  The Etsy shop is beginning to look better, with Fall themed listings and "Boo", my candy corn sweetie, was even featured in a treasury this week!  AWESOME!

It's beginning to look a lot better in the studio, too.  I've gotten some of my raw materials sorted and organized and at one point everything was tucked so neatly into drawers and cubbies and whatnot that I couldn't FIND anything I was looking for!  (All you creative people know exactly what I'm talking about!)  Now it's just at that perfect stage of "messed-up-ness" where I have a few works in progress out and in pieces, but where it's not a mad jumble of everything.

Lastly, it's beginning to look a lot like I'm finding my niche in my local community, and that feels awesome!  I'm working hard for a November 2nd deadline; the Dog River Library is having an anniversary celebration in the form of an artist's market/festival and I made sure to commit to be a vendor the second I heard about it.  I'm SO EXCITED!!!!!! :)  It's going to be fantastic!  Check out the website homepage for more info.

I'm off to finish ooooonnnnneeee more little project before bed.
Goodnight, all!

Lucy Jane

Monday, October 1, 2012


No, really!  That's her name!  She and her male counterpart "Spooky" are now in the Etsy shop! :)  Makes me want some candy corn...nomnomnom!