Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My New Helper

I apologize for neglecting to post any new entries lately, but it hasn’t been for lack of accomplishments.  I’ve been at the sewing machine, at reenactments, refereeing my children and remodeling a bedroom.  Oh, and preparing for a huge craft fair that’s in exactly a month and I’m not quite ready yet!
I’m working hard to finish Taylor P.’s day dress, ballgown, unders, and haversack in time for Resaca.  Some days it seems like I can’t get anything done at all, then other days I am sewing like a madwoman and my family knows I am IN THE ZONE! :)
As simple as it may seem to take her measurements, cut the pattern, and sew it together, it’s not always a piece of cake.  With her in north GA and me in West GA, meeting up for fittings was proving to be inconvenient, time consuming, and expensive.
So I brought in a little help:

This is Her Ladyship, the Duchess of Fitsright.
I was picking up some supplies at Joann’s when I found the dress-forms on sale for $100.00 off!  So I brought Her Ladyship home and already I can see a difference in getting the fabric to do what I want it to do and KNOWING, rather than guessing, that it’s going to fit Taylor correctly.

So. Much. Better!

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