Monday, May 16, 2011

A Ballgown for Taylor P., Part 5- FINISHED!

It's complete!  It's ready for her to wear Saturday night!
I won't even go into technical stuff here, I'll just jump right to the photos.

Because I know that's what you want to see. ;)

[Bear in mind that these photos were taken at night, so the light isn't perfect.  I'll be doing a full photo shoot with her in it hopefully on Thursday.  If not, I will at least take it outside to get shots of it in natural light.]


  1. It's beautiful!! Absolutely beautiful!! Oh LJ you did such a wonderful job!! Gorgeous!! I can't wait to see her in it!! If she doesn't like it, I'll take it (well...perhaps fitting into it might be a tad of a problem...) Well done! "Bravi, bravi, bravissimi!"

  2. do you have boning in each of the bodice seams?

  3. Anon- No. She's wearing a corset under it and double boning is uncomfortable, so I didn't add the boning to this one.

  4. It's your size, Lydia, but I doubt she would give it up. ;)

  5. Oh I just noticed Lucy don't have any close ups of the detailed flowers in the gathering in the skirt. I was showing off your hard work and someone wants to see that especially. Do you have any of those? If not, could you take one and send it?

  6. There is one in the post before this one, Part 4 of construction.
    A ballgown for Taylor P Part 4