Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Day Dress For Taylor P., Part 1

I've made a lot of progress on Taylor P.'s day dress here in the last few days.  I cut out the panels and sewed them together.  Then I pleated all those masses of fabric (180 inches of it) into a mere 38 inches.

Half of the pleats pinned in.

Pleats from the inside.  Marked every inch so I don't lose my place. :)

All the pleats finally sewn in!

Her Ladyship models the skirt that only needs a waistband and hem to be complete!

Close-up of skirt (sans waistband).
I decided to close it with a ribbon tie, rather than hooks and eyes or a button closure.
Tomorrow I'll finish up the waistband, hem it up at the bottom and add the trim!

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