Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's Almost Festival Time!

As I write this, my laptop is perched on a corner of the dining room table that is also covered with pattern pieces, bits of tulle, entire rolls of tulle, 6 last minute things to be sewn, a bag of poly beads, several bags of fiber-fill, a canvas and wood sign, several pairs of scissors, my Janome, a pin cushion and a tote full of fairy making supplies.  (It's a big table.) ;)

I'm just a few hours of hard work away from being ready!  Come on out and see me at the 5th Annual Penny McHenry Hydrangea Festival!  It will be great fun!  I have new designs, including:

And, with $10 of his $25 purchase being donated to the Autism Society of America for autism research:
Don't forget, I'll also have "Hannah", whose purchase/order also donates $10 to benefit a good cause, the Lupus Foundation of America.  There will be summer themes and Army themes and Hydrangea themes too!  Oh, my!

So come on out and say hello!  See you there!
~ Lucy Jane

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