Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Ballgown for Taylor P., Part 3

Yesterday, Taylor came over to see me while I was working on her ballgown.   The bodice is determined to be a challenge, but I am equally (or more) determined to conquer it!  But before I did any more to the bodice, I want to finish the skirt.  So here is the progress update on that:

I cut the emerald green satin into panels, the same way as the mint green had been done. (Happy St. Patrick's day, by the way!)  Both sets of panels were sewn end to end along the short sides until I had one long emerald (E) green and one long mint (M) green piece.  I had to move into another room for the next step: I laid down the M, put the E over top of it and pinned along the top.  End to end, it spans 5 yards!
Anyone have a football field or gymnasium I can borrow for a second??

I'm using flat flower head straight pins to hold it.  My friend Deidre got me hooked on these things a few years ago and I love them!  I ran into a problem though- all those yards of fabric used up ALL of my flat pins!  ALL of them!!!  
Mass o' fabric ate my pins!!!

And I need more pins to hold places in some other pieces!  What to do?  That's right!  We took a break and went to Hobby Lobby for more M thread and MORE PINS!  (And KFC, cause it was suppertime and we were hungry!)
A now full pin cushion, and peace was restored to the sewing universe.

So today, I'll be basting the two long panels together at the top, creating a waistband, gathering the skirt to fit the waistband, hemming the skirt, sewing the back seam, drawing up the overskirt with the ribbon trim, and finishing it all out. Whew!  I'd better get busy!  

After I had put all of my new flat flower pins into the pin cushion, I turned it around and found that Taylor had left me this:
Who wouldn't love to work with this cute thing looking on?? :)

It completely made my night and I will use all of the other pins in the cushion before I mess up my cool Pin Cushion Happy Face. :o)


  1. Nope. Sleep is that beautiful and ever elusive dream of a dream that I think I once had in college. ;)