Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Ballgown for Taylor P., Part 2

Things have been moving a bit slower on Taylor P.'s ballgown than I would like.  We had a minor issue with the bodice pattern, but I've figured out how to resolve that and now it's time to catch up to where we need to be, construction-wise, on her wardrobe.  The ballgown, while beautiful, isn't her only wardrobe piece that I'll be creating, so the sooner I work these kinks out and get her ballgown made, the sooner I can start on her other things. (The Pagoda sleeved day dress is next, so stay tuned!)

I did make some progress on the ballgown yesterday, though.

I spread the mint green satin out on the dining room table (which doubles as a cutting table for me!) and measured out 45" four times.  This gives me 4 panels which, when sewn side-by-side together, will give me the main body of the underskirt.

What you don't see: the enormous mound of fabric piled up on the floor at the end of the table!!

Measure 45", cut, repeat (x3).

Voila! 4 panels of gorgeous, flowing satin, ready to be taken up to the machine and stitched.

Tomorrow I will cut the emerald green satin in the same manner, for the overskirt, then put together a mock-up of the bodice to make sure it will fit her before I cut any more satin.  Once she has okayed the fit of the mock-up (which I will send to her via her boyfriend who is driving up to visit her), I will cut and construct the bodice and hopefully we shall be doing a photo shoot of her wearing her ballgown in about 3 weeks, when she can make it back down this way.

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