Saturday, November 17, 2012

Warm and Cozy: A Tutorial

I know you thought this would be a post on how to SEW something warm.  Like a coat or blanket or scarf or other some such thing.  But it isn't. Though I have had my eye on learning to make a (toasty warm) Victorian era wool coat with faux fur cuffs and collar at some point.  So much to make; simply not enough lifetimes.  What was I saying?  Oh, yes.  No, this isn't a sewing post.  It's about how to make your own cup of warm chocolatey yumminess in 5 minutes or less! :)

Grab the following:

  • Your favorite mug
  • A packet of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate
  • A kettle of hot water
  • A spoon
  • 20-ish mini marshmallows
  • A can of Redi-whip
  • A jar of chocolate sprinkles
Step 1:
Pour the Hot Chocolate packet into the mug.  Pour hot water over it, leaving about an inch space at the top of the mug.  Stir with spoon until well mixed.

Step 2: Top with mini marshmallows.

Step 3: Make the Redi-whip do that "PPPQQQUUUIIIISSHHHHHH" noise and give yourself a generous glob of whipped cream.  Sprinkle the sprinkles.

And there you have it!  600 calories of chocolate goodness that will warm you to your toesies!

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - now THAT's a tutorial! LOVE hot chocolate - hope your week is wonderful - Tanya