Thursday, March 8, 2012

For William and Elena

Several of my friends are having, or have just recently had, new babies!  I wanted to share what I made for them.  My ellies are made using a Funky Friends Factory pattern. (And I've just ordered 3 more patterns today- I'll share about those when I've gotten accustomed to constructing them!)

Here is a soft, star themed gentleman for my friend Jenny's William.  She is due very soon now!  This is her first child, and I have to admit it was a little amusing to see how wide her eyes would get as the dozen or so women at her recent baby shower exchanged stories of their experiences! :)  She is going to be a wonderful mom and I wish her every possible blessing and happiness!

For the Little Prince
And here is a fuzzy, striped-y, fun gentlelady done to match a Cat-In-The-Hat themed nursery for a friend from school who had her baby in December.  (Her name, coincidentally, is also Jennie!)  I wanted to have given it to her before Elena arrived, but the red and white striped fabric was harder to find than you'd think.  Every stripe I found around Christmas time had bits of green in it.  At last it was found.*  I wish her every wonderful thing in Mommyhood too!

For Elena at her debut
A stripe-y ellie in a tutu!
There is another one being made for a friend who custom ordered one to give as a baby gift.  I'll show it in a post very soon, but not until the recipient has received it.  Don't want to ruin the surprise!

What do you think?  What sorts of colors/themes would you like to see in an ellie?  Let me know!

*It looks beautiful, but that corduroy was harder to work with than the usual fleece!!!  And I had bits of red fluff from the inside seam edges all over my work table! :)  But it was worth the extra effort, no?

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